Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1.21 gigawatts!

Hello out there! So I have been quite busy with lots of animation, motion graphic, video, and art stuff and some of the projects are complete and some are not. So, what I have to show today is some still shots of a project I have been working on that consist of what I like to call 'fake 3D text'. This way I can do 3D text without a 3D program but it is very limited to what you can do. I want to start doing some more 3D with my motion graphic pieces and do intend to do some 3D stuff for my animated short. Speaking of my animated short....I really haven't done much. I did draw out the suited zombie and sketched out what the other two zombies will look like. There is also a script completed but I probably will go back and revise it.....maybe. Anyway, enjoy these images and I will have to say that I was taken back on the lighting effect I could do in after effects.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great Scott!

Yes I am stil alive, just have been working on new projects and supposedly being a 'grown up'. I do, however, have some new stuff to show! Granted these are screen caps from animation and motion graphic projects I have been working on they still some of my artistic ability with them. I hope everyone enjoys and if some of you out there are still wondering if I am even working the THE BOONIES story....yes! I have finished a roughs script for the story and will next be doing more drawings of the zombies and some of the surroundings. Hopefully I can get this together and finish it because I will NOT let this go to waste.

Alright then, Antastic out!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well these are not new drawings or sketches but my blog is lacking in the updates so here you go!

These were concepts for a potential animated series for a company I worked for a couple of months ago. I think the project is being put on the back burner but I was able to do some development work for one of the many characters. So here you go and for those following the blog I would like to share some goodness with you all:

I am currently working as a contractor for a company that will hopefully keep me on for more projects and it looks like they have a whole bunch coming! Things are looking good people...things are looking good...for now...


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I really have not been drawing that much due to the fact that I have been doing lots more Motion Graphics and Animation stuff lately. I also want really do some more for my animation project "The Boonies" and am going to do some more full body zombies and poses for Greg and Jessica. I'm still writing the script for the story so hopefully that can get done during the weekend or at most a rough.

Anyway, I was able to do some sketches tonight and decided to share with you what I did. Enjoy and look forward to knew stuff, drawings and animation!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No art update but some animation update!

Hello out there!

Yeah I artwork but I do have a good excuse for not having any on here for a while. Recently I was hired as a contracted to work at this company, Pacific Communication doing Motion Graphics and Photoshop work. Which is great because I now can have some more commercial pieces in my Motion Graphic reel.

But don't fear followers! I am writing the script for the short 'The Boonies' you have been seeing here for the last couple of post. I have always had the idea in my head but know I need to write it down so I can start making some storyboards too. Hope this post keeps informed about what Mr. Anthony Garcia is doing and that everything is good on everyone else side. Until next time!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Boonies UPDATE

So here is some updates for THE BOONIES. I think I posted a color development for THE VAN but as I am writing this I have not gone to check my blog but here is a newer one with some snazzy background elements! I also have, yes......ZOMBIES!!!

I was getting a little worried about the zombies cause I was drawing them and they were not coming out how I wanted them. Was I going to make them a bit more complicated or give a simpler design that still has some difficulty to it. So what I did was take a look back at my Greg and Jessica drawings and then I got it! Spending an afternoon sitting on the couch I was able to draw about 20 zombies. I also watched Dawn of the Dead (the 1978 version) and used their color palette to use as my own because 1) I LOVE Dawn of Dead and 2) It will be a bit of a tribute for the movie and Mr. Romero himself. Some of the zombies are actual zombies from the movie but in my style and I plan to do a lot more in the actual short too.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces and maybe, just maybe....I might ad some of you people I know into the short as one of the undead.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Not!

You know....I never have put any of my Motion Graphic pieces on my blog so here it is!

Demo Reel 2010 from Anthony Garcia on Vimeo.

So The Van....

I am having trouble drawing the interior to The Van because I do not usually drawing interiors or places that much...

So! What I plan to do in the mean time is draw up some zombies for the story and hold back on drawing the interior shots until I am more comfortable drawing those type of images. However, do not think I will just stop and not even try to draw that kind of stuff! Hopefully I can talk to my dear friend Humberto to help me out with the design and look of those places cause I know he can come up with some crazy stuff.

In the mean time I am working on a couple projects for Motion Graphics and Flash Animation so my time is take up during most of the day and that leaves the night for me to draw! Look out for some zombies later on then!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on 'The Van'

I wanted to share a update on The Van I am working on. Its basically a turnaround for me to have a pretty cool design piece and to use (hopefully) later on to model but I will find out about that later on. Currently I am working on he interior of the car, the back and front of it and since I don't draw much environments, interiors this is taking some time but I'm sure it will turn out pretty well.

So enjoy and lets see if I can show the finished page in the next week or so :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Van

Here is a preview of what I have for 'The Van'. I know its gas-guzzler but c'mon... what's better than a Ford van with a kick-ass paint job of naked ladies riding a unicorn (which will be on the the van later!) to mow down through some zombie hordes. What I plan to do for the development page for the van is have the side shot shown here, a front and back one, then a fish bowl drawing of the interior of the car which will show all the crap that Greg and Jessica have scavenged through their journey.

Alright then, Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jessica Sheet

So it seems like it has taken a while for me to post another sheet for 'The Boonies' but I have been trying to find actual paying work and that has been taken up my time. Good note is I am looking for 2 to 4 freelance gigs coming up so we will see what happens!

Anyway, here is a design sheet for Jessica. She and Greg have gone through numerous changes and at the moment I am happy where it is going. Look forward to see some props designs for these characters and of course...ZOMBIES! I am going to design some generic zombies that will roam the streets as well as the key zombies that the two characters will be fighting.

Hope everything is going well with all of you out there, talk to you later!


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello out there!

So what I have here is one of my two ideas I have for a animated short. What I plan to do is draw the visual development for both, you know, characters, environments, and other items. That way I will have TWO stories with a bunch of artwork ready to use and of course more pieces to put in my portfolio!

The first one I have here is for The Boonies which is a rename for my Dead Fools idea. As some of you know I really love zombies...really, really, really love zombies! When I thought of my other idea the Dead Fools story just came back to me and I thought making a 2 to 3 minute animation for it would be cool. It will involve the two main characters and a whole bunch of zombies eating, killing, and being blown away!.

Enjoy and keeping looking for more artwork for The Boonies and my second short which I will name when I post artwork for that as well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snowboy 06/01/10

Hello out there!

Enjoy a drawing of snowboy with some more weird crap thrown on him to make him all pretty like. I'm attempting to do some new coloring I always say but I am trying. I'm actually trying to do some coloring and inking with pens, makers, and other materials.



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've updated my website!

Hello out there,

So recently I have been doing lots of freelance work for my character design and motion graphic what not. At my website I have updated my gallery section with lots of new images for you too see which includes some comic characters, animation characters, and caricatures. I just finished doing the art for a Facebook game and hopefully you will be able to see that on my site at the end of the month. I also am working on a comic book that will be used as a prop for a music video and have put the cover for the comic on my website too. I'm also doing lots of work for music videos and will try to by September to post a newly edited Motion Graphics Reel to show the new work I have done. The new work is great because I get to do new things but its hard finding freelancing work too. The pay is alright for some and great for others and hopefully in the future I will get more clients and more work from the ones I'm working with now. Either way its really great stuff I'm working on and I'm using my education and degree to really get into the field then working at 8 to 5 job at McDonalds, right? Well see though...



If you want to check my website there is a link to my website on the right hand side of this blog, the link is 'My Website'. Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sketch book 05/07/10

Hey Everyone,

So I know I have been posting some new stuff but I have not been posting any sketchbook pages and I have done some new stuff a couple months ago. I have also been in a slump with sketch book work and how I draw too. Lately when I draw I do not see anything I do as being good, then I look at other peoples blogs and sketchbook work and tell myself, "why isn't my stuff looking like that?".

Then it hit me: I don't draw like that and I don't have to copy how people draw. I look at how people draw certain things and feel thats how my stuff should look like. I see how people use all these different kinds of mediums and think....hey! I could do something like that haha. So what I get from other peoples work is the type of materials they use. I really like using markers and color pencils, I'm going to try to use some watercolors in my work, and do more hatching with my shading with pencil or marker.

Here is what I have to show and hope you all enjoy. I also really want to get some good work out there to make a physical portfolio to have cause I don't have one and feel I need much better work to put in there. Wish me luck in making some new and cool stuff and hope to see everyone else's stuff on their blogs.