Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hello out there!

So what I have here is one of my two ideas I have for a animated short. What I plan to do is draw the visual development for both, you know, characters, environments, and other items. That way I will have TWO stories with a bunch of artwork ready to use and of course more pieces to put in my portfolio!

The first one I have here is for The Boonies which is a rename for my Dead Fools idea. As some of you know I really love zombies...really, really, really love zombies! When I thought of my other idea the Dead Fools story just came back to me and I thought making a 2 to 3 minute animation for it would be cool. It will involve the two main characters and a whole bunch of zombies eating, killing, and being blown away!.

Enjoy and keeping looking for more artwork for The Boonies and my second short which I will name when I post artwork for that as well.

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