Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Boonies UPDATE

So here is some updates for THE BOONIES. I think I posted a color development for THE VAN but as I am writing this I have not gone to check my blog but here is a newer one with some snazzy background elements! I also have, yes......ZOMBIES!!!

I was getting a little worried about the zombies cause I was drawing them and they were not coming out how I wanted them. Was I going to make them a bit more complicated or give a simpler design that still has some difficulty to it. So what I did was take a look back at my Greg and Jessica drawings and then I got it! Spending an afternoon sitting on the couch I was able to draw about 20 zombies. I also watched Dawn of the Dead (the 1978 version) and used their color palette to use as my own because 1) I LOVE Dawn of Dead and 2) It will be a bit of a tribute for the movie and Mr. Romero himself. Some of the zombies are actual zombies from the movie but in my style and I plan to do a lot more in the actual short too.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces and maybe, just maybe....I might ad some of you people I know into the short as one of the undead.



jESS jEROME said...

ME....add me =P

Wayne B. Medina said...

ha i love the zombies man!

Anthony Garcia said...

I'll make sure to add BOTH of yea when I layout the entire piece.

Thanks Wayne, I had trouble in the beginning drawing these guys but they came out pretty good in the end.