Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1.21 gigawatts!

Hello out there! So I have been quite busy with lots of animation, motion graphic, video, and art stuff and some of the projects are complete and some are not. So, what I have to show today is some still shots of a project I have been working on that consist of what I like to call 'fake 3D text'. This way I can do 3D text without a 3D program but it is very limited to what you can do. I want to start doing some more 3D with my motion graphic pieces and do intend to do some 3D stuff for my animated short. Speaking of my animated short....I really haven't done much. I did draw out the suited zombie and sketched out what the other two zombies will look like. There is also a script completed but I probably will go back and revise it.....maybe. Anyway, enjoy these images and I will have to say that I was taken back on the lighting effect I could do in after effects.


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