Friday, May 7, 2010

Sketch book 05/07/10

Hey Everyone,

So I know I have been posting some new stuff but I have not been posting any sketchbook pages and I have done some new stuff a couple months ago. I have also been in a slump with sketch book work and how I draw too. Lately when I draw I do not see anything I do as being good, then I look at other peoples blogs and sketchbook work and tell myself, "why isn't my stuff looking like that?".

Then it hit me: I don't draw like that and I don't have to copy how people draw. I look at how people draw certain things and feel thats how my stuff should look like. I see how people use all these different kinds of mediums and think....hey! I could do something like that haha. So what I get from other peoples work is the type of materials they use. I really like using markers and color pencils, I'm going to try to use some watercolors in my work, and do more hatching with my shading with pencil or marker.

Here is what I have to show and hope you all enjoy. I also really want to get some good work out there to make a physical portfolio to have cause I don't have one and feel I need much better work to put in there. Wish me luck in making some new and cool stuff and hope to see everyone else's stuff on their blogs.


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