Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've updated my website!

Hello out there,

So recently I have been doing lots of freelance work for my character design and motion graphic what not. At my website I have updated my gallery section with lots of new images for you too see which includes some comic characters, animation characters, and caricatures. I just finished doing the art for a Facebook game and hopefully you will be able to see that on my site at the end of the month. I also am working on a comic book that will be used as a prop for a music video and have put the cover for the comic on my website too. I'm also doing lots of work for music videos and will try to by September to post a newly edited Motion Graphics Reel to show the new work I have done. The new work is great because I get to do new things but its hard finding freelancing work too. The pay is alright for some and great for others and hopefully in the future I will get more clients and more work from the ones I'm working with now. Either way its really great stuff I'm working on and I'm using my education and degree to really get into the field then working at 8 to 5 job at McDonalds, right? Well see though...



If you want to check my website there is a link to my website on the right hand side of this blog, the link is 'My Website'. Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sketch book 05/07/10

Hey Everyone,

So I know I have been posting some new stuff but I have not been posting any sketchbook pages and I have done some new stuff a couple months ago. I have also been in a slump with sketch book work and how I draw too. Lately when I draw I do not see anything I do as being good, then I look at other peoples blogs and sketchbook work and tell myself, "why isn't my stuff looking like that?".

Then it hit me: I don't draw like that and I don't have to copy how people draw. I look at how people draw certain things and feel thats how my stuff should look like. I see how people use all these different kinds of mediums and think....hey! I could do something like that haha. So what I get from other peoples work is the type of materials they use. I really like using markers and color pencils, I'm going to try to use some watercolors in my work, and do more hatching with my shading with pencil or marker.

Here is what I have to show and hope you all enjoy. I also really want to get some good work out there to make a physical portfolio to have cause I don't have one and feel I need much better work to put in there. Wish me luck in making some new and cool stuff and hope to see everyone else's stuff on their blogs.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A new Greg which I hope will be a final draft and hopefully part of the new zombie comic I want to make called 'Zombie County'



Yes.... he is suppose to look crazy....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extreme Mario and Yoshi

I did this sketch for a test for a project someone was doing but got discouraged in doing more work for them cause 1) I didn't feel like this was working out and 2) I just really didn't get into it.

I might color it but this was just for fun anyway.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some old work I never posted

Hello out there!

So what I have posted is some old work I did that I never posted and I'm posting now because a) the work I have been doing for the last month cannot be posted online just yet and b) I don't have alot of sketchbook work to show at the moment. I think I wasn't going to post this stuff online because I wasn't done with the comic book BUT since I have redesigned the characters for the billionth time I guess I can show this. I'm looking at it again and feel its some pretty good stuff so might as well share it with all of you!

Enjoy and lets open I can get some more stuff too you people later on.