Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I got the urge to draw in colored pencil and marker...its messy and the picture looks fuzzy causes its from my phone but if you look at it on a phone it looks pretty cool. Enjoy!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Monsters (the music video)

So this was one of my FIRST projects I kind of worked on during school for a music video. These are designs of various monsters that help this kid out in the music video to not be scared of the dark, or something along those lines...

Anyway, here is a link if you guys have never seen it before:

Its also located on my website in my gallery section if you ever want to watch it. Enjoy the art and I'll let you all know that I am working on some illustrator work that I hope I can post soon!


Monday, March 14, 2011

An Oldie but a Goodie

I'm going to attempt to post one new or old piece of art or even sketches I have done at least once a week. So what I have hear is something old but still pretty good! This is actually on my online portfolio where I have a lot more animation stuff that I don't post on here that much but I decided to slap this on the blog for easier access.

These are just a couple of character design studies for some characters in my story "The Boonies" and then the snow-boy expressions are for something else that is still up in the air. I did the snow-boy all with markers and colored pencils and the bottom characters were all done in photoshop. Enjoy and look back next week or even this weekend for some more antastic artwork!


Friday, March 11, 2011

The Dead!

Yeah thats right....two post in one week and its actually something new! So if you all remember I have been doing concept for my animated short/comic book/art-something project called "The Boonies". I am now in the stages of drawing out the three main zombies that Greg and Jessica encounter in interact with the most. The first one is "The Dead in the Suit". This guy has gone through MANY designs and I think my reasoning for choosing this on as its final process is because it shows the dead in their last stages of their undead life.

So what I have here is a little illustration to share with you all that took me about 2 hours to finish off on the computer and about weeks to concept haha. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah...I know... (SORRY I WROTE TOO MUCH)

So I am reading this book about young entrepreneur's and how they all have made very successful business and I was reading one of them that had said roughly "having a blog or youtube page isn't going to get alot of traffic if you don't update it on a regular basis."

Yeah....I've been kind of bad at that. I could say I have a good excuse but I don't. I actually have lots of stuff to share and its both animation and design work. I've been doing lots of animation work like Motion Graphics, titling, and even Flash Animation. Currently I'm working on a iPod game, doing some design work and creating animations. When its all finished I'll put what I have done up here and give you a link to my website so you can view the cools animation on a Flash file I am going to make for them.

And if those of you that didn't know or I never even mention it, this month will be my 7 month working at a Pacific Communications in Costa Mesa, yay! I do motion graphics, animation, and video and sound editing there for lots of medical products. Anyway, I actually had the opportunity to do some illustration work there! I did some illustrations/caricatures of some of the companies higher ups. So I have attached......actual art. Note that the tug boat guy is not my full design. What I had done was take a stock image given to me (the boat, character, water), switch the head out for the person I did the caricature of, edited the image, cutting out the boat and water, doing some color changes, and BAM! you have what you see below. Then I have two versions of the same drawing, one is holding a martini and the other some type of non-alcholoic beverage. I want to give a close up of the hand cause I think that was my most favorite part to draw.

To be honest I hadn't drawn in a while and these were the first fully rendered drawings I had done in months. They have there ups and downs but I'm really glad I was able to draw. Hopefully I will be able to post more drawings in the next couple weeks (some of my own and some of actual work), however, if I don't I do actually have lots of old drawings I never posted online that I might put up, mostly as a filler and for me to type.

Ok I've talk to long, hope you enjoy and for those who read this blog (or did) feel free to shoot me a message any time to talk or say something and for your future clients of mine out there......I vary much appreciate you taking your time to view my collection work and glad you have stumbled upon the thoughts and visuals of Anthony Garcia.