Saturday, August 16, 2008


So, if I wanted to sell anything I do on the computer lets saying anything I draw in photoshop
I wouldn't be able too. Why? Because the educational copyright and the 'educational copyright'.
What I did was get my old friend GIMP that I used in high school so now I can paint and ink all my characters and comics now without worrying about the copyright hounds hunting me down. 
Then you might say that they would not find out if the program is 'educational' but I assure you they will some how so better safe then sorry. The above pictures was just to mess around GIMP
again and its kind of how I remember it but some of the things in photoshop I would like to have in GIMP would be cool... like being able to change the brush tool around more but it still is a good cheap mans handy program. So until I get photoshop I'll do alot of my personal work on gimp or at school and say its from my demo reel. 

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