Thursday, August 28, 2008


I haven't done caricatures in over two months and was 'pushed' to draw some. The one on the top is Lily Allen and in my search for other caricatures of Lily Allen I sadly came up empty on finding any so it would be kind of cool to be the first one to do one of her. Of course I had to add the nip slip in her caricature since every celebrity blog I go to happens to have her revealing that certain area. The bottom two are 'suppose' to be Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.
I've done Chan many, many times before and this is by far the semi-OK-decent-one of the man himself. Now Tucker on the other hand was a first and sadly will not be the last cause I really don't like how he turned out here. It was going so well until I add facial hair and thickening lines. All these were recommended by a friend since I didn't know who to draw right away. Hopefully I'll be doing some more caricatures in the future and place them on here and maybe I'll just wait another couple of months and do nothing. 

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