Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yay, some Art!

Hello All!

You know I make promises that I'll post weekly on here then know...but I have something now!

I actually entered a shirt design contest at Shirt Woot and though I submitted the shirt a bit late in the contest I am currently in the top 60 or so place! I'm actually really excited by this since it was my first entry and I managed to get some votes. Next theme I'm going to start early and see where I get with the early start. You can see the design above which was board game themed and if you want to check out the other designs or even say, vote for mine (you have to have purchased something from the site in order to vote, sorry):

Vote for me!

The other was a caricature I did for someone at work awhile ago. I didn't want to post it up now cause she hadn't received it yet but she has already seen it now! I may have made her arms and body a bit too big so I was able to shrink down the size to make it look like her. Well enjoy! Antastic

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