Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sketches and update on the Eyes

Hello out there! So I've been realizing I have been slow on the sketchbook game and haven't drawn in it for such a long time. Hopefully with the holidays upon us, and me staying in doors more, I'll be able to sit down and do a bit more sketching. Now though I have something to show! First is something I sketched in my sketchbook, I don't think I was having a bad day when I drew this...I think the closet colored pencil I had was blue. The others are more of those eye things I posted last week and all done in illustrator! I think I am in love with illustrator right now and plan to use it more for my illustration needs. Enjoy and if I don't post anything in the next week have a Happy Thanksgiving! Antastic P.S I updated my website with quite a bit of goodies under my gallery section so check that out too! In the next couple of weeks I'll put that stuff on here too.

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