Sunday, August 28, 2011

Animation Test

This was a test animation I did this week for a company for some freelance work:

They wanted the style and animation to be similar to this youtube video:

(Please note that I did NOT create this video)

(Please note that I did NOT create this video)

Similar to the style they wanted but with some added designs by me. Well enjoy!



jESS jEROME said...

nice, the silence thats happening when the person is fixing there posture is a little odd but other then that i like it!

Anthony Garcia said...

Well I didn't make that one...thats the example they showed me to base their project on.

However, if you already knew that then is a bit weird lol

Nino said...

very slick, hope you get the contract!

Anthony Garcia said...

Thanks Nino, sadly I didn't get the contract work but was offered some potential work during the end of the year.