Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I want to Draw...

So I have decided that I need to draw more people, and not the ones I think up in my ye olde head! I keep on drawing my characters and I'm happy how they are turning out but they lack form, gesture, and kick-ass poses. What I'm saying really is I'm going to go out and draw more life drawings, pictures or people I see, do some memory sketches, do more loose sketches to get the form, and eventually come out with a better idea in posing. I'll still draw some new characters in the process but I want to really focus on working up how I draw my characters and how they move.

Don't worry though cause I'm working on a project with some friends and that has some work that I have been doing. Hopefully I will post some of it on here and show what I'm working on cause I haven't been posting much work on here. So look forward to seeing more sketchbook work, character design, and some colored work! To those who follow or read this blog, thanks and stay tuned for some more artwork coming up in the future. Thanks again


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