Monday, January 4, 2010

Frank Sr.

So at the moment I'm stealing Monster Squad until I can think of something a bit more creative but here is Frank Sr. He is the aging Frankenstein's Monster who is the bodyguard/muscle for the other kid monsters I am drawing up.

I thought it would be funny to draw a older Frank, old man pants, ear piece, 'seeing' glasses, etc. So here he is and hopefully later on in the week I can draw and color the other guys. See ya later then.



humberto said...

mayb it shud b all like different strokes, he would b ther foster father lol

Anthony Garcia said...

Oh humberto! Guess what I started and am bringing along Jessica and you along for???

jESS jEROME said...

i thought of shit we could do with these guys when i was at jury duty!!! =D

Anthony Garcia said...

See! Jury Duty was kind of productive.